Pharmaceutical Wastes Management

 Pharmaceutical Wastes Management

Large quantities of medicines and pharmaceutical derivatives accumulate in all countries of the world without exception, whether poor or rich countries, and in places such as pharmacies, hospitals, health centers, homes and medical warehouses for storage of medicines, in addition to some of these medicines safe for use and some very dangerous and some the other is damaged or expired. The extent of its effect on the health of individuals is not known, nor is it known to harm the environment in general.

 How does SEPCO handle the environment with pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical hazardous waste?

SEPCO has a number of waste disposal units in the environmental complex including thermal oxidation units, incinerators, first class and second-class Landfill.

We also seek to reduce the harmful environmental effects of improper disposal of expired and expired pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical waste through the continuous development of plans to collect, transport, process and safely and permanently dispose of pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical wastes from all health care activities Pharmaceutical companies, factories, distributors and agents throughout the Kingdom to include waste ( Human medicines – Veterinary medicines – Cosmetics – Health consumables, Medical supplies, infant formula) and other pharmaceutical residues.