• Environmental Treatment Solutions SEPCO provides a complete system that manages wastes of all kinds using the latest techniques to guarantee the highest standard.


  • Water Treatment Solutions We provide consultation and innovative solutions in treating industrial and local sewage—in addition to desalination.


  • Consultancy & Monitoring SEPCO was one of the first companies in the domain of environmental evaluation.


  • Environmental Awareness & Training We contribute towards forming a sustainable environment and a community that is responsible towards its surroundings.


Our Achievements

  • The Golden Distinction Award (Economic Distinction)

    It was awarded in 2014 by the Minister of Economy of the United Arab Emirates—for excellence and economic distinction at Arab region level.

  • The Distinction and Loyalty Award

    It was awarded in 2014 by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility—for social responsibility at Arab region level.

  • Certi?cate of Most Accomplished Company

    It was granted in 2010 for specialization in the support of health facilities in the Middle East.

  • International Certificates in Quality

    SEPCO Environment is the first company in the Middle East to receive international recognition and get 3 international certificates of quality.

  • The Saudi Arabian Award for Environmental Management

    It was awarded in 2005 for the best application of environmental management in the private sector in the Arab world. It was granted by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, who was represented by the General Administration for Observation and Environmental Protection. The nomination and supervision were by the Arab League.


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