Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

 Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

Any project in its life cycle interacts with the environment and leaves its effects on it in one or another form. It is therefore necessary to study the expected impacts of future projects and take the necessary measures to control before embarking on work, to assess the actual impacts of existing projects and to propose adjustments to avoid them, which is the role of environmental impact assessment studies.

The evaluation studies provide the required information to ensure that the necessary standards for licensing are achieved. It also contributes to reducing costs by providing alternatives to avoid the negative effects of the project owners and, most important, the pivotal role of these studies in preserving the environment and confirming the responsibility of the project-based company.

Precedence and Wide experience:

At SEPCO, we are proud to be one of the first companies in the field of environmental impact assessment studies for various activities. This has enabled us to work on a large number of diverse projects in size and quantity, thus creating extensive experience in environmental impact assessment studies.

We have strengthened this expertise by establishing our leading information center that provides the support required for Environmental Impact Assessment.

Integrated service:

We are always keen on investing this extensive experience and knowledge base in providing integrated service to our customers. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive assessment aimed at developing a clear roadmap for the client to obtain the necessary environmental licenses for the project through:

  1. Complete analysis of the existing situation.
  2. Evaluation follows a clear scientific methodology.
  3. Proposal for the latest solutions to the expected environmental impacts.
  4. Provide necessary advice during implementation.

Most Prominent studies:

  • Yanbu United Company TUNITCO.
  • Saudi Technobit Water Insulation Company.
  • Red Sea Gateway Terminal.
  • United Metallurgical Company (UMIC).
  • Saudi Oil Additives Company (SALACO).