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Water Solutions

Professional Water Solutions

SEPCO has been providing customers with all services related to water solutions since 1997 in Jeddah, offering professional consultancy services and innovative solutions in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, wastewater and desalination.

What distinguishes SEPCO in the field of water solutions?

  • Long and extensive cumulative experience.
  • Various technological solutions that are customized to customer needs.
  • Low cost.
  • Less power consumption.
  • The amount of sludge generated by the treatment process is virtually non-existent.
  • High quality.
  • Use less space and limited surface maintenance.
  • Comprehensive warranty up to 10 years.
  • Free maintenance for 6 months.
  • Annual maintenance contracts and spare parts available.

*Sludge: Muddy material which results from water treatment. It is a mix of solid materials and polluted water.

Our Techniques

Bio reactors

The bioreactor represents the latest technology in wastewater treatment. It uses effective microbes with properties such as their consumption of less dissolved oxygen in water, their digestion of a greater proportion of sludge, and their ability to adapt to harsh weather conditions. The microbial processing system is provided by solid blocks that release microbes based on pollution levels in the water. These blocks do not need maintenance or replacement for up to 10 years.

  • The reactor is compact and in simple design, and features with fast installation.
  • Quick reboot after prolonged storage.
  • Adjustable according to extreme weather conditions.

Bio membrane Reactor

The use of membrane technology in wastewater treatment and industrialization has spread widely throughout the world in the last 10 years. The bio-membrane reactor blends the use of bacteria and membranes to produce high purity water that can be discharged into the sea and salt water corridors or used for irrigation without damage on the environment or health.

  • The reactor occupies considerably less space than biological treatment methods, eliminating the need for two of the four purification phases.
  • It can be easily used in old processing plants to update them.

Activated Sludge Process (ASP)/Extended Aeration Process

Activated sludge processes are one of the most common and effective methods of secondary treatment (where biodegradable organic matter is removed and suspended solids are removed as well as sterilization). In this process, partially treated wastewater is supplied with oxygen that activates microorganisms, which in turn removes the biological content of the water, all of which are in accordance with high standards of quality assurance.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reverse osmosis is used in the advanced stage of wastewater and industrial treatment, and is also used in desalination of saline water. In this process, the liquid to be purified is placed under high pressure so that the water molecules pass through a semi-permeable membrane – in contrast to the property – to the other producing fresh water. SEPCO provides customers with reverse osmosis plants with any required capacity.


  • Very high water purity.
  • Low cost.
  • Does not occupy a large area.

Ultra Filtration

Ultra filtration is used in water treatment to produce potable water. It is a method of separation under pressure using semi-permeable membranes. Liquid is pumped through a membrane that does not allow the penetration of particles or components larger than 30 nanometers. This technology provides a consistent quality level regardless of the water being treated and does not require the use of any chemicals.