Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

On Environmental Awareness

Our perception of the nature of SEPCO’s role in our country goes beyond being a leading company offering specialized waste management services. We are convinced that we are an integrated environmental company established on the basis of an ambitious vision aimed at contributing to the creation of a sustainable environment and a conscious and responsible society towards its environment.

Hence, SEPCO’s focus was on community responsibility and serving our customers and community members through environmental awareness and training activities.

Areas of work in environmental awareness

SEPCO’s awareness and training activities include the government, private sector and community members alike. We are keen in our programs to provide a scientific material suited to the target segment and facilitate the conversion to practice in the recipients.

SEPCO serves the Government and non-government sectors through:

  • Organizing awareness lectures for staff in various sectors to promote a culture of conservation.
  • Participation in environmental conferences and forums.
  • Develop environmental awareness programs including evaluation studies, strategies and all information materials.
  • Develop strategic partnerships and cooperation agreements to raise environmental awareness and share experiences and experiences, including the cooperation agreement concluded with the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia to develop the skills of environment and sustainable development curricula.

At the level of community service, the range of activities extends to:

  • Awareness campaigns.
  • Educational and awareness activities for school students.
  • Awareness and educational publications.
  • Partnerships and collaboration with environmental associations.
  • Sponsorship of environmental activities.

Our Achievement

  • Supervising the golden sponsorship of a green message project in the hand of love and loyalty in celebration of the entry of Saudi Arabia Guinness World Encyclopedia in the largest environmental panel in the world.
  • Publication of the environmental “Earth” magazine, a monthly educational awareness leaflet to raise the awareness of the community about the importance of preserving the environment.
  • The publication of the magazine Environment and Development Saudi Arabia in the activities of the company in the field of environmental awareness.