Landfill Management

Landfill Waste Management

About Landfill Wastes

The increasing acceleration in consumption rates led to doubling the quantities of solid waste, which generated a major problem, namely the spread of random waste dumpers, which do not comply with the environmental conditions and specifications and are not closed in a tight geometric manner.

The accumulation of waste in these dumps is a major threat to the environment and the population, causing the emission of toxic gases and odors, contamination of soil and groundwater, and directly threatening human health.

What are the Services Provided by SEPCO in the field of Landfill Management?

Integrated system (Design – Construction – Operation – Management)

SEPCO is proud to have all the techniques and mechanisms to control the effects of the moorings on the surrounding environment and even to maximize its contents.

Through our extensive experience in dealing with different types of municipal and industrial waste, we have been using our internationally accredited services in the field of processing and lining for storage and insulation facilities. Today, we provide the management services of all types of mooring, from study and analysis through design and implementation. The process of lining and operation and in accordance with the requirements of global environmental government and the latest technologies and insulation materials and lining available in the world markets.

The Main Services:

SEPCO Environment Company supplies and installs various types of lining materials and terrestrial insulation films such as:

  • High density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Low density polyethylene (LDPE).
  • Bentonite.
  • Geotextile.

Which are used as earth insulators in gradient layers. Thus, by using suitable ground lining membranes, such as insulating layers below the earth mounds, we ensure that the soil is protected from pollution and the protection of groundwater from the leakage of contaminants due to the resistance of these membranes to the different types of waste.

Drainage services:

However, we do not stand at this point, as the decomposition of the organic components of waste and the chemical reaction between its components leads to the formation of two outputs:

Leachate, which may leak out of the landfill as a result of accumulation or after precipitation

Methane gas, which increases the likelihood of fires

Our work in the construction and management of landfill involves the construction of drainage and gas extraction systems to ensure high levels of safety.

Extracting Clean Energy:

Instead of just getting rid of gas, we can – using our available technologies – use it as an energy source. In addition to its environmental importance and its optimal utilization of the available space, the management of the landfill is an economically successful and clean energy source.