Industrial Waste Management

Industrial Waste Management


What Is Industrial Wastes?

7,746 factories in the Kingdom are the Source: Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources

Industrial waste is any unwanted material produced by various industrial activities and processes, including chemical solvents, dyes, sludge, metals, ash, paints, packaging materials, contaminated storage containers, and other solid waste. , consumed oils and others.

How Does SEPCO Deal with Industrial Wastes?

SEPCO provides industrial waste management services covering all solid and liquid waste cases. SEPCO covers all stages of industrial waste management, starting from the preparation of plans for the management of industrial waste at the customer’s site and through the storage, transport, treatment and safe disposal of waste in accordance with local and international standards.

SEPCO owns a number of cars dedicated to the transportation of industrial waste according to the highest international standards and according to precise scientific procedures with detailed operational plans including contingency plans, training of drivers, monitoring and tracking systems by satellites and the documentary course approved by the Kingdom’s regulations.

SEPCO classifies the waste received to determine the most appropriate safe scientific methods to be treated or recycled. The methods used by the SEPCO Environmental Complex include chemical, physical and biological treatment techniques, water treatment techniques, oil separation techniques, oil and petroleum recovery techniques from oil sludge, thermal oxidation techniques, Installation and physical processing, and other processes that are developed according to the processing requirements of different material classes.

SEPCO also has a number of safe disposal units for different types of waste, including first and second-class dumpers, evaporation ponds, sludge and hazardous waste burns

SEPCO, in collaboration with a number of qualified bodies in the field of recycling some industrial waste items, is developing appropriate mechanisms for recycling some of the items after the necessary initial treatments.

Main Achievements

SEPCO Environment has culminated in its efforts in the field of industrial waste management by establishing an environmental complex for the treatment and recycling of industrial waste in Rabigh city. The complex includes the chemical, physical and biological treatment unit, the industrial wastewater treatment unit, the oil separation and treatment unit, the oil and petroleum recovery units from the oil sludge, the super thermal oxidation unit with a capacity of 3 tons of waste per day,

The complex also includes landfill for ( Class 1 & Class 2 ), and evaporation ponds, as well as sludge burial, all lined with different ground-based membranes as needed and equipped with a special drainage system.

SEPCO Environment provides services to a large number of customers in the Jeddah Industrial City, King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabian Airlines for the engineering and manufacturing of flyers and cargo handling management services at Saudi Arabian Airlines at major airports in the Kingdom, Samsung Electronics, Raytheon Middle East, Saudi Arabia and others.