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 Story of SEPCO

Environmental Challenges..

The Kingdom is facing a huge environmental challenge. The huge grow in services and industries, facing with high population density and rapid consumption ways, have created a serious environmental problem. The increasing quantities of wastage, which are increasingly complex in their composition with fast development in various industries and medical technology and others.

Precedence and leadership..

(SEPCO) was established in 1997 under the chairmanship of Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, to be the first integrated environmental company to offer a package of environmental services to the environment and society. In the Kingdom and the Middle East, whereas becoming the leading position in the past two decades.

Integrated System..

SEPCO Environment is not a traditional waste management company, but an integrated environmental solutions company with a holistic perspective and visionary vision, which was established to play a vital role in the development and quality of life in cities.

SEPCO Environment has continuously developed its fields of activity to include providing the best and most reliable environmental solutions, establishing central medical waste treatment plants throughout the Kingdom and expanding in the Gulf and North Africa and contributed in Establishing.

Integrated industrial environmental groups for the treatment of industrial waste, Sewage & industrial wastewater and Water technology. Today, SEPCO Environment has the largest number of tankers in the region. It provides processing services to ensure groundwater protection and recently established a new recycling facility for industrial waste.

SEPCO is committed to the environment by sharing its accumulated expertise through the provision of supporting advisory services including environmental impact assessment, monitoring and inspection, and has adopted many environmental awareness initiatives, training activities and community service initiatives.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to quality and leadership are is the base of our concept. This confirms the company’s numerous awards in the Kingdom and the Middle East and has become the first Saudi company to win three international certificates of quality.

Future Opportunities

The future is full of opportunities. The environmental challenge remains significant, and awareness of environmental issues and responsibility by individuals and companies will be increasing, especially in light of the concrete concern and sustainability of environmental issues that have become a base of any future plans. Which addressed the sustainability of the environment through the use of treated water, pollution reduction and financing of waste management and treatment projects. We at SEPCO Environment are keen on continuous development and expansion of services and expansion of the targeted customers.

SEPCO Environment currently has more than 2,600 employees and serves approximately 8,000 customers, occupying the leading position in environmental protection in the Kingdom, the Arabian Gulf region and North Africa, with a constant aspiration to develop and contribute to ensuring a better environment for present and future generations.

The investment opportunities are very promising, and we are ready to be in the future as we were in the past and as we are in the present: A strong partner in advancing the environment of our homeland and strengthening our economy.



“SEPCO guarantees its customers a sense of comfort and confidence by providing comprehensive environmental solutions based on accumulated experience that ensures quality performance.”

SEPCO Environment is the first company specialized in environmental protection in the Middle East, which has made it a leader in the field from the very beginning, and has been constantly researching and developing in conjunction with professional fieldwork to be an integrated environmental solutions company with a comprehensive perspective and vision. Practical and scientific experiences.

  • Confirms that:
    • Precedence in the field of waste management.
    • Localization of the industry of environmental technologies locally and internationally in accordance with the highest international standards on the patents of these technologies.
    • Achieving three international quality certificates and numerous awards in the Middle East.
  • On the level of integration and Expansion:
    • The company has an integrated system that provides all environmental solutions for waste management and safe disposal techniques, covering all stages of hazardous waste management from sound sorting to final disposal.
    • Extensive spread and expansion covering the Kingdom and the Gulf States and North Africa.
    • It has the largest number of tankers equipped with the latest technologies Internationally.
  • Experience level:
    • SEPCO possesses human resources with accumulated experience and experience scientifically and practically qualified over two decades.
    • More than 2,600 employees, including an expert and a worker, have gained the trust of 8,000 customers within Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.


Accomplishments and Awards


Awards/Certificates Description
Saudi Arabia Award for Environmental Management In 2005 in the field of best application of environmental management at the level of the private sector in the Arab world granted by the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques represented by the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection nominated and supervised by the League of Arab States.
Certificate of Most Accomplished Company It was granted in 2010 for specialization in the support of health facilities in the Middle East.
Excellence and Loyalty Award It was awarded in 2014 by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility—for social responsibility at Arab region level.
Gold Medal Award (Economic Excellence) In the year 2014 in the field of Quality & Economic Excellence in Arab Region from Minister of economics of U.A.E


  • A patent for the product of thermal treatment unit (SEPCO Clave): It is a Saudi product that was the result of an experiment led by ” SEPCO Environment” in collaboration with research centers and studies in Saudi universities.
  • Submit a new patent file for the contaminated industrial wastewater treatment unit.

ISO Certifications

The first Saudi environmental company to win three international certificates of quality:

 Certificates  Description
Environmental Quality ISO 14001 Environmental Quality in the field of hazardous waste treatment
Quality Management ISO Certificate of Quality Management 9001
Occupational Health and Safety ISO Certificate for Occupational Health and Safety 18001


1998 The opening of the first medical waste treatment plant in the Middle East in Jeddah .

1999 Project of national program for the safe disposal of hazardous medical waste

2001 The First Saudi company to get 3 international certificates of quality.

2002 there were 12 waste treatment plants throughout the Kingdom.

The development of medical autoclave treatment system under the name of “SEPCO Clave” as the first Saudi processing system designed and manufactured locally.

2003 Extending the activities of the company to include the management of all kinds of waste, environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring and inspection, implementation of community service programs to raise awareness of environmental and health projects and measurements and environmental analysis, and the establishment of the factory of plastic products supporting the environmental services provided to plastic.

2004 Signed cooperation agreements with a number of major international companies specialized in various fields of environmental protection.

2006 Establishment of integrated environmental treatment plants in the Gulf and North Africa.

2007 Environment and Development Magazine was published as part of the company’s activities in the field of environmental awareness raising.

2009 Manufacturing of galvanized metal containers for sorting from the source for municipal waste.

2011 The inauguration of the Integrated Industrial Environmental Treatment Complex in Rabigh Governorate on an area of ​​500,000 square meters, as an integrated environmental park for the treatment of hazardous industrial waste from industrial establishments.

Publication of the environmental “Earth” Magazine, a monthly educational awareness leaflet to raise the awareness of the community about the importance of preserving the environment.

2012 Implementation of the environmental monitoring of industrial facilities at the Royal Commission in Yanbu.

2013 Golden sponsorship of a green message project (Bida by hand) to celebrate the entry of Saudi Arabia Guinness World Encyclopedia in the largest environmental panel in the world.

2015 SEPCO Environment and Hitachi of Japan are implementing the integrated environmental management project for municipal waste from industrial facilities of the Saudi Aramco refinery in Jazan Economic City.

2016 Earth Magazine receives certificates of appreciation from several government agencies, praising the media role provided by the company in its contribution towards the delivery of educational materials and community awareness related to environmental affairs.


 History of SEPCO

“SEPCO has been the leading Saudi company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in the field of protecting the environment from hazardous waste and removing its damage to the environment and society.”


Since the founding of SEPCO Environment in 1997, we have taken upon ourselves to strive to be the best environmental service provider. Protecting the environment and society from all types of waste and removing its effects is a responsibility that is not negotiable

Initially, as a starting point, we focused on SEPCO to bridge the gap in the field of medical waste, gathering all our capabilities in this area to provide protection to society and the environment from the dangers of these wastages.

In just two years, SEPCO, driven by a desire to lead and with a sense of social responsibility, has established the first specialized treatment plant for medical waste treatment in Jeddah. It has also spread the environmental experience in all regions of the Kingdom, and the countries North, Central and Eastern region of Africa.


Following our success in the company, we moved to a new stage where we realized that the importance of our work and our great responsibility lies not only in working on the ground according to local and international environmental standards, but also in the Research & development, especially in terms of local and regional deployment. To launch research and development activities parallel to field work.

Leadership and lead not to be stop  at success, But invest in developing research and innovation solutions .

One of the most important achievements in this field was cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Health to develop the guidelines for “safe treatment of medical waste in Saudi Arabia” based on WHO and the UN Environment Program’s criteria, and collaborating with research centers in Saudi universities to design our model The private developer of Autoclave technology and the launch of the patented SEPCO Clave, which we have been able to treat with medical care and eliminate its gravity and reduce its size by 70%.

Spreading and Expanding

Thus, in SEPCO, we moved from success to success and we began to expand and expand both service and geographical coverage.

At the service level, our services today include the management of various types of medical, industrial, chemical and veterinary waste, management of the safe disposal of highly toxic substances, as well as the implementation of transportation projects and final disposal of non-hazardous waste such as construction waste, demolition and municipal waste.

“From the treatment of medical waste in Saudi Arabia only, we started to treat all types of hazardous waste  throughout the Middle East “

On a geographical level, SEPCO today has a large fleet of tankers equipped with the latest global monitoring and tracking technology, enabling it to expand and establish stations in the Gulf and North Africa. The company has 13 stations in the Kingdom and 3 stations in different Arab countries.



SEPCO is proud to have received many awards and certificates, most notably the Saudi Arabia Environmental Management Award and the Best Achievement Certificate for Support Services for Health facilities in the Middle East. SEPCO is the first Saudi company to win three international certificates of quality.

“The awards and honors have been a great incentive for SEPCO to continue the environment to reflect its accumulated expertise in providing the best consulting service & services.”

While we are proud of all these awards, this appreciation reinforces our sense of responsibility and drives us to develop solutions and services until we play vital role in raising awareness about the importance of our field in preserving the environment and its impact on the individual and society.

To participate in our cumulative experience through the provision of various advisory services, such as environmental impact assessment, inspection and inspection, and the adoption of many awareness initiatives, community service programs and training activities.


SEPCO today offers an integrated system of environmental services, infrastructure and a highly qualified human resource. SEPCO today has more than 2,600 employees, including an expert and a worker, serving nearly 8,000 customers inside and outside the Kingdom, the Arabian Gulf, and other countries. North Africa, which ensures the company’s continuity and enhances its ambitions to expand and spread and maximize the return of material and by reducing the negative environmental impact.